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The 12 Best Zipcar Models in the Nation, Ranked

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The lawsuit was dismissed in , after U. The entry-level V-6 engine still makes horsepower, which is enough to hurl a pony to 60 in less than 6 seconds—and to smoke some rubber.

Zipcar pickup truck

Zipcar has received some scrutiny for their low coverage limits. Well, this is a ranking, so… yes. Mark Norman remained as President until February , when Avis Budget Group announced that Kaye Ceille was appointed president of Zipcar, and "Mark Norman would step down in order to pursue another career opportunity.

Zipcar pickup truck

Zipcar pickup truck

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    In , Zipcar expanded to Ottawa and Istanbul.

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    Herewith, our favorites from coast to coast. Each vehicle has a home location:

  3. Arall says:

    Car-sharing services like Zipcar may seem to portend the end of car culture.

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